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Home Networking

Home Networking

Today, nearly every home has at least one computer and, especially if your home has children, you probably have two or more.

With the proper network, your PC can become the home's media center, allowing you to share printers and images, even with your flat-screen TV. You can also share internet cameras to anywhere you can get an internet connection.

Central Vacuum

Imagine a centralized vacuum system with access in each room, no more pulling or pushing a machine from on area to another, no more breathing polluted air from the catch bag.

A central vacuum system ends the need to lug around heavy equipment from room to room by placing inlet valves throughout your home. All you need is a lightweight hose that plugs into these valves for no-hassle cleaning.

Air quality is significantly improved since there's no recirculation of pollution as with conventional cleaners. The vacuum is quiet making it possible to listen to music or hear the phone ring.

You may add a garage cleaning kit, an electroglide tool kit, a turbine hand tool or, everyone's new favorite zip brooms. Zip brooms are a light weight hard wood floor attachment with a 5’ hose that extends to 20 feet for the easy cleanup of normal "kitchen debris" from your floor!

Telephone Systems

Step into your phone future with the newest thing to hit home telephones: access your lines and calls via your cell phone; relay messages via intercoms networked throughout your home, and be on separate lines in separate rooms simultaneously. You can have up to 24 extensions and six incoming lines, all with caller ID. You can even set up extensions to talk on, or answer calls from visitors at the front door or gate.