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Home Automation & Lighting

When lighting control is added to your new home the days of having six switches lined up on the wall are over. One elegant lighting keypad can be used to control the lights in the entire house. And with engraved buttons, there is no guessing which switch turns on which lights. Lighting is now controlled as “scenes” any set of lights can be turned on with a single button. One button press from the Garage and your entire path to the Kitchen is lit. No more spending time trying to recreate the same lighting look as your last party or dinner, a single button on any keypad can recreate the entertaining scene every time. And finally when you retire at night a single button press at the headboard and your houses lighting is off for the night.

Lighting systems will automatically trigger events at specific times of the day or at times relative to sunrise or sunset. By knowing your location, the system knows when the daily sunrise/sunset times occur, even adjusting for seasonal changes and daylight savings time. Program multiple schedules allowing for different time clock events on weekdays, weekends, holidays, etc. For example, you may want to turn your landscape lights on 15 minutes before sunset every night and fade them to 50% at 10PM, while still turning off at sunrise.

Don’t be disappointed if your home is already built. You can still add all the power and convenience of lighting control to an existing home with Radio Frequency (RF) devices. Existing switches are replaced with RF dimmers, RF switches, and RF keypads using your homes existing line-voltage wiring. You may also add your table and floor lamps to the system with RF dimmers that simply plug into a receptacle.

Always feel secure in that you will never come home to a dark house again. If connected to the security system you may activate lights in case of a fire or burglar alarm. As an example in the event of an intrusion, the inside lights can be set to full ON and the outside lights can be set to FLASH to draw attention to the house for police.