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Theater Showcase

Media Rooms

Media Rooms represent a casual viewing area of both movies and standard broadcast television. This type of room is most typically placed in a Family Room environment. Televisions will very from rear projection TV to Flat panel monitors or even full sized front projection systems. Speaker, Plasma, LCD, Projectors and film screen manufactures have developed products specifically for this type of surround sound environment. With the many new technologies available you can have all the performance in a surround sound system with very little esthetic impact in a room.

Dedicated Home Theaters

Dedicated rooms still represent the greatest opportunity to provide the most intimate home theater experience. With the ability to control the light and sound within a room you can create a system that performs at the highest level in the reproduction of a DVD movie. Digital Home Systems can provide you all levels of home theater design and finish. We have simple theater enhancements to a complete personal theater design from Acoustic Innovations that will give you the feel of your own custom theater. The audio and video equipment within each room can be designed to fit most budgets. Once you have a theater installed in your home you'll never want to see a movie anywhere else.


NetStreams™ DigiLinX IP-Based Multi-Room Audio and Control system is the world’s first completely IP-Based distributed audio/video system. Featuring there patent-pending StreamNet™ technology, the DigiLinX system distributes uncompressed audio, uncompressed video and control signals via TCP/IP packets over an IP computer network. The result is consistently superior audio & video quality, unmatched expandability and scalability, and easy control of the entire system from any DigiLinX touch screen or any of your Web Tablets, Pocket PCs, or web-browser based computers. StreamNet also enables true plug and play integration with a host of other devices. From a variety of sources and displays to lighting systems, security systems and environmental control – virtually any device that can be controlled through RS232 and also solves the fundamental issue of synchronizing audio and video throughout a multi-room system on an IP network, ensuring a maximum delay of no more than 1/1000 of a second.

The DigiLinX system distributes audio over CAT5e using TCP/IP on a segmented section of an Ethernet network – the Home Entertainment Network, with no additional networking equipment requirements. DigiLinX converts audio from a legacy source, in real-time, into uncompressed audio streams (WAV), allowing up to 24-bit/96kHz, studio quality audio to be distributed throughout a home or commercial facility.

The level of audio performance is limited only by the quality of the source material. DigiLinX’s scalability and expandability is unmatched in the industry, with the system supporting virtually unlimited sources and rooms. By eliminating the quality and quantity limitations of traditional matrix switchers, NetStreams has obliterated the traditional source and room limitations of current systems. Each DigiLinX component contains its own IP address and web server that can serve-up rich control pages to third-party products such Web Tablets, Pocket PCs, Web TVs, or computers, for a new experience in music management.